Sketchy:….and Bool Tools Gets the Final Sketchy!

25 03 2009

The Sketchy AwardThis was supposed to be awarded back in December 2008 but was severly delayed. Bool Tools by Whaat from Sketchucation – for sale for a reasonable $10.00 on the Smustard website – adds a much, much, MUCH needed functionality to Sketchup. Anybody who has worked with SU for more than 10 minutes can attest to how sorely missed boolean modeling functions are when comparing SU to other 3D modeling software. With a simple, intuitive workflow and the fact that it just plain works and works the way you expect in most situtations – it hands-down blows away any other Sketchy contenders for the final Sketchy of 2008.

Congratulations to Whaat – keep up the good work and we look forward to your next plugin!


PLUGIN: All-Time Sketchup Classic Plugin – Weld – Wins a Sketchy!

16 10 2008

It’s been a long, LONG time coming (written back in 2004/2005) but Rick Wilson ‘s incredibly useful plugin – Weld is finally getting it’s due – a  Sketchy! I think I can so far as to say that nobody and I mean NOBODY who models with Sketchup for more than a few minutes, doesn’t use this plugin all the time. As far as I am concerned, this was functionality that obviously should have been part of Sketchup and kudos galore to Rick for coming out with it. I can begin to imagine modeling without it. I use it soooo heavily that I often forget that it’s a plugin (I have it shortcutted (is that a word? 😕 )to “w”) and not part of the Sketchup program proper. Blindingly simple and elegant plugin execution – select lines, run plugin, join lines into one curve (polyline) with the option to create faces, you’re done. Voila! It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway despite it being so obvious – Weld is a must, Must, MUST have plugin for everyone using Sketchup. For that I award Rick a Sketchy!

Click here to download the Weld Plugin from the Sketchup Graphics Blog

PLUGIN: Follow and Rotate – Neat, but needs a little work

16 10 2008

Here’s another interesting plugin with a lot of potential. Follow and Rotate (FAR) and is definately a niche plugin and can be a bit quirky/buggy but could be really useful if you’re doing some specialized modeling (cables, ropes, spires, steeples, stalagtites/stalagmites, etc…). FAR does what it says, you select a face or faces and then select a line, arc, or a series of both welded (another highly useful, potential Sketchy winning plugin) into one and then click Follow & Rotate in the Plugins menu which brings up a small dialog. Make sure that you select the face (not its surrounding lines). You tell the plugin how many degrees of rotation you want the face to rotate as it follows the line and you also tell it what factor to scale to as it follows the line. Click OK and see the results. Sometimes it works, other times it doesnt (for me I cannot get it to work with a straight line as a follow path and everytime I run the plugin, it seems to rotate my follow path down to the ground plane) but when it does work, it produces neat results – don’t count this one out and make sure to give it a try if you find yourself looking to do this kind of modeling.

Hopefully wikii from will continue work on this promising script.

Click here to download it from the Skethcup Graphics Blog

PLUGIN: Does anybody want to play with Matchbox cars?

2 10 2008

Introducing the latest version (1.1) of the highly original and fun to play with plugin Matchbox. The Matchbox plugin generates car bodies and can automatically evolve them into various iterations based on your selections. How kewl is that?!?! 8) Thanks goes out to antantantant at Sketchucation for this great Skethcup plugin!

The plugin is easy to use although documentation is sparse and is sorely welcome. I did find that if you have Matchbox installed along with Lightup (in-Sketchup lighting plugin) or Fredo6’s Tools on Surface x 1.3plugin, then neither of these two plugins will work. Don’t let that prevent you from trying out this addictive plugin. Watchout Detroit! There’s a whole new breed of automaker in town! 😀

Click here to download the Matchbox v 1.1 plugin from this blog

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Plugin: This Sketchup Joint Push-Pull Tool is Definitely a Sketchy Winner!

18 09 2008

Without further delay….here is the first Sketchy winner of 2008…Fredo6 of for his plugin – Joint Push Pull – Visual Edition. I don’t think many, if any, would argue that there is a more useful, more seamlessly integrated tool for Sketchup.

I have been using this plugin since it’s introduction and while I have dozens of plugins and tools, none have proved more useful to me in my daily illustration grind with Sketchup. This plugin adds some badly need functionaliy to Sketchup, the ability to push and pull (with loads of options mind you) any faces, including and most importantly, curved faces all the while giving you visual feedback prior to making the changes permenent in your model. How totally kewl is that! I have used these features extensively in many models, including (extensively mind you) on my 50’s sci-fi rocket model. Here is a screen capture of it in use:

All this coupled with all the options you have for performing these operations makes it a shoe-in for a Sketchy! Thank you Fredo6 for providing such an innovative nad highly useful plugin for our favorite 3D program! Kudos and we look forward to updates and, perhaps, another Skethcy-worthy plugin! 8)

You can download it from Sketchucation or get it here

Announcing the Sketchy Awards for Outstanding Sketchup Plugins and Tools

18 09 2008

I am proud to announce the introduction of the Sketchup Graphics Blog Outstanding Sketchup Plugin Award, to be known from this point on as the Sketchy! 😉 I will, after careful evaluation and real-world testing, award these throughout the year to those plugins and tools that add tremendous functionality to Sketchup. I will also be looking for outstanding integration with Sketchup (in the case of tools) and ease of use. I’m not going to just glance at these plugins/tools and then sling a Sketchy out. I’m going to put these things through their paces on-the-job and really evaluate them on how useful they are.

I WILL NOT ACCEPT SOLICITATIONS, NOMINATIONS, BRIBES, PLEADINGS, ETC… FOR SKETCHYS. So don’t email me telling me how great your plugin is, asking for a Sketchy. If it’s truley that great, I’ll hear about it, get it, and run it through the mill.

Winners of a Sketchy will of course have their plugins/tools prominently featured here for quite some time, they will also get a cool Sketchy Award graphic to display where ever they wish. So here is a peak at the Sketchy Award. I do have a winner already which I will post in a few minutes but here is the graphic anyway.

Highly coveted award for outstanding Sketchup plugin or tool

Highly coveted award for outstanding Sketchup plugin or tool

Plugin: Little Sketchup Plugin for Removing Your Inner Face

17 09 2008

Thanks to some handy Ruby scripters (wikii, Matt666, and Pilou) over at Sketchucation (get the plugin there or scroll down to download it here) we have a new Sketchup plugin. It’s called Remove Inner Faces and it does just what it says. You select all of your geometry that you would like to remove inner faces from, and then click on “remove inner faces” from your Plugins menu to remove those faces but leave all of their edges intact.

This image shows an example of inner faces. After you run the script, the outside edges of the selected faces will be intact but the faces will be gone.

Example of inner faces (selected faces) to be removed. Edges will be left intact

Example of inner faces (selected faces) to be removed. Edges will be left intact

Click here to download the file from the Sketchup Graphics Blog

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